Installation and Adhesives

Installers are becoming more familiar with Concreate products and they are quite friendly to install. We offer detailed instructions and these videos will provide a quick overview:

Floor Video
Wall Video

Installation instructions follow industry standard practices. A certified installer is not required. Any qualified flooring installer may install our product – wood, tile, stone. Typically, if a tile and stone contractor is used, they can also install the wall panels. If the project is a wall installation only, a millwork company is a good place to start.

Estimated installation costs can really vary by project and location. An industry average may be around:

• Average Cost for floor installation = $2.50-$3 ft².
• Average Cost for wall installation = $1.50-$2 ft².

Flooring is installed with a troweled adhesive. Several products are acceptable and will keep our warranty intact:

DriTac 4141 The Golden Bullet
DriTac Moisture Block 4-in-1
Bostik Greenforce
Bostik’s Best

Thinset may be used for installation but it will not provide as much give during the process. The products below have been successfully tested with our product. Other thinnest options are available and should be tested by the installer prior to application.

• LATICRETE® 254 Platinum
• MAPEI® Granirapid® System

Wall panels are installed with a tubed adhesive. Concreate Adhesive is available for purchase with your order or as an alternative we suggest Loctite Premium Advanced Polyurethane Construction Adhesive. Other adhesives, such as Liquid Nails, should be tested prior to use.

The Repair Kit seen in the installation videos is not available for sale in the US. As an alternative we suggest the Fusion Pro Single Component Grout which is available in a variety of colors to match and typically available nationwide.

Got questions?

Floating installation? Nope. With the large format of our planks, the adhesive helps to prevent cracking and helps hold the tight fit of the tongue and groove system. It also helps to maintain a level installation.

Can Nail Guns be used? Yes! Nail guns or screws may be used and just use a bit of grout to back fill any holes if necessary.

Any other questions, Contact Us