Outdoor Installations

Our products are suitable for exterior wall or floor applications.

For outdoor walls, we recommend our floor planks which are suitable to a vertical installation; the ½” tongue and grove edge and the mineral cement board substrate provides for superior insulation compared with most tile products and can be applied and installed much like any tile or stone. It requires no grout while the tongue and grove create a perfectly flush surface without nearly as much effort required when using traditional tile or stone products. Our wall panels are quite suitable as well!

Exterior applications should be applied to any sound, dry and flat subsurface and due to varied outdoor conditions by region, bonding agents for any outdoor installation should be tested by the installer to confirm bonding prior to installation. Normal fading overtime depends on UV exposure.

Where water exposure is a concern, additional installation/sealant steps should be taken to avoid water seeping behind panels. For example, panels should be coated in Rubio Monocoat oil with a silicone sealant between panels. The Rubio oil should be maintained yearly to keep the panels water proofed.