Additional Sealants, Oils and Info about the Finish

Our products, both the concrete and wood, are prefinished with three layers of a proprietary oil mix which makes it water and stain resistant. No further sealants are required. Precaution should always be taken to avoid any use of TAPE on the products as it can lift the finish. The Wood is finish is 1/8” thick so sanding and re-staining is not recommended.

Additional oil or lacquered based sealants, like those for wood, may be used with our products. Any sealant or oil should be tested first and may change the appearance/finish. Use of additional sealants or finishes will void any product warranty.

Rubio Monocoat oils work very well on Concreate as a sealant or to alter the color.

WOCA Products also work quite well:

You may notice that these recommended products are notably Wood products. Why is that? Concreate originated from an established wood flooring company. Given their extensive wood flooring experience and the knowledge of the product development teams, testing for staining and sealing was conducted with products that they were familiar with, and they ended up working quite well! There are other sealers, densifiers and stains that are more specific to cementitious products such as concrete of course. Our teams are in the process of testing more products of that type to give our customers more options.