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This new and innovative patented product consists of a polished concrete panel designed to be adhered to walls of any new or retrofit construction project. Made for interior applications only. This attractive, real concrete finish, shows the irregularities and characteristics of natural, polished concrete. Concreate® wall panels were engineered to an exceptionally high standard and are available in six natural colors.

Concreate® wall panels are only 1/8” thick and weigh only 1.3 lbs. per square foot making them ideal for many uses other than just walls. This includes custom fabrications and joinery applications. Creative architects and designers will find countless alternative uses for this incredible, attractive and versatile product.

Concreate® walls panels are ready for installation. They are incredibly durable, fire and water resistant and have excellent built-in acoustic properties.


Trim Hardware


Wall Panels Price List 2019



Natural Grey$ 8.42$ 90.63
Dark Grey$ 8.42$ 90.63
Titanium Black$ 8.42$ 90.63
Metal Grey$ 8.42$ 90.63
Bronze Grey$ 8.42$ 90.63
Mineral Sand$ 9.75$ 104.95
Metallic Copper$ 9.75$ 104.95
Moss Green$ 9.75$ 104.95

– Order Min.: 39 ft² / 3.6 mt²
– Rates are valid for orders up to 500 ft² / 47 mt². Contact Us for volume pricing.
– Product ship from North Hollywood, CA, 91605. Rates does not include shipping.

Trim Hardware Price List 2019

p/92 1/2" unit

Edge$ 17.30
Mid Wall$ 19.00
Outside Corner$ 33.00
Cove$ 21.70
Radius Cap$ 12.50

Wall Panel Specification





1200mm900mm4mm101 & 108 Only
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