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Please refer to your Estimate to verify Ship To Address for ORDERS. SAMPLES will ship to the provided credit card billing address unless otherwise noted by contacting with an alternative address.
 I hereby authorize that me (credit card holder) or an installer on my behalf read the installation guidelines and the care & maintenance guidelines posted on this site, I understand that failure to follow any of these instructions by myself, by my installer or by the owner of the space in which product will be installed may result in damaged product that will not be covered by Concreate LLC Product Warranty.
 I authorize Concreate LLC on 360 N Pacific Coast Hwy Ste 2000 El Segundo CA 90245 to charge the account (credit card or eCheck) indicated in this authorization form according to the terms outlined above. This payment authorization is for the goods/services described above, for the amount indicated above only, and is valid for one time use only. I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card or bank account and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company or bank so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form.